Opiemme Writes “To Stephen Hawking”

Famed cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking unveiled his ambitious Breakthrough Starshot two years ago; a plan to send a tiny, light-propelled robotic spacecraft through space. For a man of such brilliance the concept of transcending our limitations was a common one to contemplate and explore. Opiemme. Museo di Arte Urbana. Torino, Corso Tassoni, Italy. […]

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Mina Hamada & Zosen Bandido Mediating the Streets With Abstract Color in Corbeil-Essonnes. France

A public/private mural campaign in the southern suburbs of Paris continues to bring international Street Artists to create works for the public space. While France continues to grapple with an increase of new immigrants, a rise in right wing sentiments and xenophobic attitudes toward populations that differ from the dominant culture, projects like this may […]

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